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The partners of H2020 project, IS_MIRRI21, launched two events on 15 and 17 June with the aim of opening gateways for MIRRI to foster new partnerships and collaboration with its users through the opportunities presented in the new European Union funding programme, Horizon Europe. The event was co-organised by the coordinator of IS_MIRRI21, the University of Minho (UMinho) and Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (SPI) from Portugal and hosted over 120 participants from Europe, Africa and Latin America. Both were side-events at the RI-VIS H2020, sister project of IS_MIRRI21, Latin America-Europe Symposium on Research Infrastructures that took place from 15-17 June. 

The IS_MIRRI21 webinar was presented by two experts and representatives of MIRRI partner organisations, Nelson Lima (University of Minho, Portugal) and Joanna Bucka-Kolendo (Institute of Agricultural and Food Biotechnology, Poland) and an expert from the PERIN Network in Portugal, Daniel Carapau (Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal). The main aim of the event was to widen MIRRI’s outreach and boost its impact in the research and innovation sector by showcasing its unique value-added to its potential users and partners from Europe and Latin-America. The webinar had three main sessions, i) presentation of MIRRI as a pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) with immense capacity to provide resources and expertise for any partnership, ii) instructing on how to become one of the 50+ members of MIRRI and gain from the collective assets presented through the network, and iii) exhibit some of the most relevant, and present funding opportunities in the Horizon Europe programme Pillar I (Excellent Science).

Hand-in-hand, the workshop focused on MIRRI’s core values and strategic plan to influence and create a wave of changes in the R&I sectors through escalating access: access to resources, information, expertise and to its network of partners from 11 European countries. The workshop had three key sessions, i) presentation of MIRRI’s collaborative history with infrastructures in Europe and Latin America, i) MIRRI Strategic R&I Agenda (SRIA) and  the seven strategic areas which showcase MIRRI’s expertise and how it intends to serve the bioindustry and iii) funding opportunities from the Horizon Europe programme under Pillar II corresponding to the MIRRI domains: Health & Food, Agro-food and Environment and Energy. The workshop was co-facilitated by MIRRI experts –  Nelson Lima (University of Minho, Portugal), Rosa Aznar (University of Valencia, Spain), Gerard Verkleij (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Van Wetenschappen, Netherlands), and members of the PERIN Network – Isabel Carvalho Oliveira (Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation , Portugal) Maria João Fernandes and Cristiana Leandro (National Agency of Innovation , Portugal). 

The expected outcomes of both events were to present the tools, i.e., funding opportunities for collaboration. This is so researched infrastructures and institutions as well as experts and members of the bioindustry sector can collaborate to realise innovative solutions. Solutions that can progress research so that we can fight and win the battle against incessant health, economic and environmental challenges which are hindering growth and development in many communities around the world. 

Moreover, IS_MIRRI21 and MIRRI were represented by Raquel Hurtado-Ortiz from Institut Pasteur (France) at the RI-VIS main event on 17 June. A panel discussion on the subject of ‘Future of Latin America-Europe Research Infrastructure Collaborations’ was held with the aim of debating how to foster long/term RI partnerships across borders that have the potential to improve the efficiency and quality of research to tackle the many challenges faced by society today. The event brought together around 100 people from different countries of Europe and Latin America to address major global issues such as climate change, infectious diseases, food security, and natural disasters.

We thank all the speakers for their professionalism and dedication to support IS_MIRRI21 and MIRRI’s mission through these events! 

The webinar and workshop are now available on the IS_MIRRI21 website for your viewing:

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Where do we go next?

IS_MIRRI21 will continue its outreach activities to engage with MIRRI’s users and public audiences with hunger to acquire knowledge in the fields of biosciences and gain an appreciation for the tiny lives that have a great impact on our lives. The next IS_MIRRI21 event will take place on 27 June 2021, 11.00-12.00 CEST for the World Microbiome Day #WMicrobiomeDay! What will we look at? Sustainability of the environment through symbiotic living with microorganisms that are not only as powerful but are also allies in this venture. Their positive roles should never be underestimated or overlooked.


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More events will come from the IS_MIRRI21 partners #ScienceisWonderful #InternationalMicroorganismDay.

Stay tuned!

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