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Project Videos

MIRRI Strategic Area 7 MIRRI - Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure

MIRRI Strategic Area 5 MIRRI - Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure

MIRRI Strategic Area 2 MIRRI - Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure

Europark | Rosa Aznar, director of Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT)

MIRRI Strategic Area1: Research on pathogenic microorganisms, human/human-animal infectious diseases

MIRRI Strategic Area 3: Research & development of new, safe, healthy and sustainable food products

Introduction to the Biological Resource Center of Institut Pasteur - CRBIP

Introduction to the Micoteca da Universidade do Minho (MUM)

IS_MIRRI21 Second TNA Call Webinar (23 March 2022)

On 23rd March 2022 we hold a live webinar with the Access officer and the 9 IS_MIRRI21 partners participating to the Second Transnational Access (TNA) Call (opened until May 15th 2022). After a brief presentation outlining the goals of the IS_MIRRI21 TNA programme, we explained everything you need to know about the Second TNA Call (eligibility, application procedure, current TNA offer, modalities of access, etc.), followed by a Q&A session where the participants raised their questions.

Resources and methods for biological management of soils and crops

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IS_MIRRI21/MIRRI Webinar 1 | Microbial resources for a green, healthy and sustainable future – Part 1

MIRRI is capable of enabling and supporting the development of innovative solutions by scientific and entrepreneurial communities in Europe and beyond. In this webinar, participants learnt about MIRRI’s SRIA and how it anticipates future research, innovation and market trends/opportunities in its seven strategic areas.

IS_MIRRI21/MIRRI Webinar 2 | Cutting-edge technologies for 2030 microbial Culture Collections – Part 1

The microbiome revolution is a challenge for culture collections. In this webinar, participants were presented with issues and possible strategies for microbiota conservation, culturomics methods for the isolation of microorganisms, tools and methods for high-throughput characterization with MALDI-TOF, and genomics for the ultimate characterization of microorganisms.

IS_MIRRI21 - World Microbiome Day 2021 webinar (27 June 2021)

IS_MIRRI21 webinar titled 'Microorganisms are allies: Microbial biodiversity preservation, exploration and valorisation for a sustainable future’. The webinar was launched on 27 June 2021 to celebrate World Microbiome Day 2021.

Ecological roles and biotechnological potential of marine fungi

A short presentation held at the CMBR web conference in May 2021 by IS_MIRRI21 and MIRRI partner organization, the University of Torino (UNITO).

Microbiome and Microorganisms for a Sustainable World

A presentation held at the World Microbiome Day 2021 event co-organised by IS_MIRRI21 partners. The presentation was prepared by Anna Poli and Cristina Varese from the University of Torino (UNITO).

Project coordinator represents IS_MIRRI21 (Portuguese)

Prof Nelson Lima from the University of Minho (Portugal) talks about a European Union funded project, IS_MIRRI21 and its main objectives in the Portuguese national television.

MIRRI’s business plan/business model (Portuguese)

Project coordinator’s interview on Porto TV to present MIRRI and its business plan/Business model. Prof Nelson Lima from the University of Minho (Portugal) talks about RMIRRI and its activities, initiatives and collections. MIRRI aims to make microbiological resources available from different cultural collections (defragmentation of resources) and tackle the problem of fragmentation between cultural collections.

CORBEL animation on European Life Science Research Infrastructures

European Life Science Research Infrastructures – Life Science RI has announced the first CORBEL animation on European Life Science Research Infrastructures.

Click here to see how users took advantage of cutting-edge technologies and resources to advance their life science research projects!

Engage with LS RIs - Watch our Video!

IS MIRRI21: Superbugs and amazing microbes

EU funded H2020 project IS_MIRRI21 engages citizens with an educational and informative presentation about super microorganisms called superbugs and their effect on humans and the environment.

IS_MIRRI21 webinar (15 June 2021) - IS_MIRRI21/MIRRI Membership Boosting research and innovation in Health, Agro-food and Environment

A recording of the IS_MIRRI21 and MIRRI webinar launched in collaboration with experts from the PERIN Network and RI-VIS #h2020project. The webinar looks at how MIRRI, as a pan-European Research Infrastructure, aims to boost research and innovation across Europe in biosciences and bio-industries and the funding opportunities in the Horizon Europe programme (Pillar I) that are available in 2021 and 2022 to facilitate cross-continental collaboration.

IS_MIRRI21 workshop (17 June 2021) - International collaboration with MIRRI through new opportunities from the Horizon Europe

A recording of the IS_MIRRI21 and MIRRI workshop launched in collaboration with experts from the PERIN Network and RI-VIS #h2020project. The workshop looks at funding opportunities and calls from Horizon Europe programme under Pillar II (Health, Food, Agro-food, Environment and Energy) and the recently published MIRRI Strategic Research and Innovation agenda for 2021-2030 (MIRRI SRIA).