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Aiming to implement MIRRI as a secure and sustainable entity, the IS_MIRRI21 project has seven main objectives defined to pave the IS_MIRRI21 work plan:

Objective 1

Implement MIRRI´s organisational framework and set up its operative and quality procedures and standards;

Objective 2

Conceive MIRRI´s services (workflows) based on partners´ complementary expertise and genetic resources, and set-up and test these through transnational access (TNA) provision to different user groups;

Objective 3

Set up a single-entry point portal CWE (Collaborative Work Environmental) to promote MIRRI, its services, resources, expertise and knowledge transfer activities, as well as to provide access to partners´ resource associated data made interoperable for data searching and data mining;

Objective 4

Increase knowledge transfer to users via expert clusters (i.e. for legal framework, to support training and education programmes, Information and Technology, etc.);

Objective 5

Enlarge MIRRI´s member countries, including collaboration with third countries and international organisations, with the user communities (academia, bioindustries, and other stakeholders) and synergies with other Biological and Medical Research Infrastructures (BMS-RIs) and coordinated initiatives as CORBEL;

Objective 6

Develop models and plans to underpin MIRRI´s financial sustainability; and

Objective 7

Maximise MIRRI´s visibility among potential users, depositors, country governments across Europe and beyond its borders.