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Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure – MIRRI launched in 2012 as a project with the aim of designing the ESFRI MIRRI, a pan-European distributed RI providing microbiological services, thus facilitating access to high quality microorganisms, their derivatives and associated data for research, development and application. It intends to connect resource holders with researchers and policy makers to deliver resources and services more effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of innovation in biotechnology. The RI builds upon 60 microbial domain resource centres (BRCs) in 26 European countries; collectively they provide access to more than 350,000 strains of microorganisms.

Microorganisms provide essential raw material for biotechnology. As new species are discovered, expertise is difficult to locate to ensure correct identification. The current fragmented resource distributed across Europe needs to be coordinated and operated to common standards with facilitating policy to help focus activities to the big challenges in healthcare, food security, poverty alleviation and climate change.

MIRRI aims to provide a collaborative work environment inspiring excellence and to drive collaboration across borders and disciplines. Within concerted efforts, the consortium partners coherently and jointly work together with the objective of alleviating the current fragmentation of bio-resource holdings and information, and eliminating duplication and redundancy at the national and pan-European level.

We bring together research, education and industry to promote global responsibility towards biodiversity and to construct an innovative Europe.