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Link to the project Consortium: BELSPO

University of Liège (ULiège) houses the Centre for Protein Engineering which in turn hosts the Cyanobacteria Collection (BCCM/ULC). BCCM/ULC is a recent public collection of cyanobacteria in a growth phase (220 strains with a focus on (sub)Polar Regions (Antarctica, Svalbard, Canada, etc.) established in 2011. Research is performed in polyphasic taxonomy, molecular identification and ecophysiology. It has a collection with lineages not yet well studied, with potential application for the screening and discovery of new bioactive compounds or molecules of biotechnological or cosmetical interest. It also has experience in the steps concerned with the cultivation and storage of strains, and the morphological and molecular characterisation of strains (using 16S rRNA, ITS, and sequences of alternative taxonomic markers, including the ones involved in the synthesis of cyanotoxins). BCCM/ULC will offer access to its expertise and infrastructure in the frame of the Transnational Access pilot programme in IS MIRRI21.