Results of the 2nd Transnational Access Call (TNA)

Congratulations to seven researchers from Europe and Latin America!

The TNA programme aims at financially and logistically supporting the access (on-site and remotely) of external users to the IS_MIRRI21 partners’ research facilities across Europe to carry out their research projects. After a successful 1st TNA call, IS_MIRRI21 launched the 2nd TNA call on February 1st, 2022, and extended the deadline for submission of proposals until May 31st, 2022.

The project partners are delighted to announce that seven researchers from four different countries – Portugal, Italy, Spain and Chile – have been awarded in the 2nd TNA Call. The owners, TNAs requested and access providers can be found on the next page.

Congratulations to all the awardees of the 2nd TNA Call!

  • Ana Igual Wöllstein (Spain); Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi strains produced in vitro; Access at BCCM-MU
  • Carina Menezes (Portugal); From the isolation of cyanobacteria, over their cultivation and preservation, to their characterization; Access at BCCM-ULC
  • Chiara Lauritano (Italy); In vitro screening and testing of Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC); Access at UL-MSCL
  • Giovanni Andrea Vitale (Italy); Archaea, bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi from the UVEG-CECT public catalogue; Access at UVEG-CECT
  • Joana Domingues (Portugal); Identification of fungi in pure culture; Access at KNAW-WI
  • Marina Carrasco-Acosta (Spain); Identification of fungi in pure culture; Access at MUT-UNITO
  • Victor Manuel Ignacio Gallardo Muniz (Chile); Food Mycology; Access at MUM-UMinho

Publisher: IS_MIRRI21 consortium