IS_MIRRI21 and MIRRI’s participation at the Latin American Federation for Culture Collections (FELACC) first module workshop in March 2021

On 9 March 2021, the project  partners, University of Minho and University of Valencia, represented the work of MIRRI and IS_MIRRI21 at the Latin American Federation for Culture Collections (FELACC) first module workshop entitled ‘Ex situ Preservation and Data Management in Collections of Microbial Cultures’. The event hosted more than 500 researchers, students and specialists from various countries and was conducted in Spanish and Portuguese with the intention of inviting and engaging audiences from European and Latin American countries. The virtual workshop was organized by the Latin American Federation for Culture Collections (FELACC) and the Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) with the aim of gathering international scientific communities interested in ex situ preservation of microorganisms and data management to empower and expand collaborative networks across the globe. The workshop provided a platform to stress the value of building a solid international network with the objective implementing awareness raising campaigns about the importance of ex situ preservation of microorganisms. In addition, it provided an opportunity to showcase UFRO’s work in the field of ex situ preservation and data management in the collection of microbial cultures. The second module of this workshop will be implemented on 20 April, 2021. Promotions will be made through the IS_MIRRI21 social media pages. Stay tuned!

To read more about the outcomes of the workshop, please click here.

Publisher: IS_MIRRI21 communication team