IS_MIRRI21 Kick-off Meeting

IS_MIRRI21, the three-year long Horizon 2020 European Union funded project was successfully launch on the 25th and 26th of March 2020 through a teleconference. It brought together 14 Consortium members, eight third parties and many interested parties. As a project, IS_MIRRI21 aims to establish and support the research Infrastructure Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI) as a self-sustainable entity.

The Kick-off meeting was attended by 57 participants and moderated by Professor Nelson Lima and his team on behalf of the project coordinator, University of Minho. Initially planned to be conducted in Braga (Portugal), the meeting was moved to an online setting due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Through its activities, the project envisions the establishment of science policy in Europe and will reach out to scientific communities and industries in third countries. By the end of the project’s lifetime in January 2023, IS_MIRRI21 intends to have implemented a multifaceted scientific research infrastructure which sustains and preserves microorganisms.

As building blocks, IS_MIRRI21 has ten Work Packages to implement various activities with objectives to provide raw microbial materials, institute training and educations courses, form an international scientific network and create a collective platform to facilitate knowledge transfer among scientific and non-scientific professionals. At the kick-off meeting, each Work Package was presented by individual Work Package leaders with the support from members of the Advisory and Ethical Boards.

IS_MIRRI21 has now launched its project website and begun implementing its action plans for 2020 through the establishment of the multidimensional and efficient virtual platform, Collaborative Work Environment, for the provision of its services and countless more offers.  

Publisher: IS_MIRRI21 communication team